9 places to get a decent coffee in King's Cross

It's taken a while for the independent coffee revolution of the last few years to reach King's Cross, but we now have enough places that care about their coffee to be able to bring you this guide.

They all do coffee to take away as well as drink on the premises.

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If you prefer to use one of the corporate mega-chains we have plenty of them (too many in fact: 5 Pret a Manger, 4 Costa, 4 Starbucks and 2 Caffe Nero) - see our cafes page for the full list, locations etc.

Top four

These are the places that have helped put King's Cross on the London coffee map.

  • Brewhouse on York

    Brewhouse on York

    York Way isn't exactly Manhattan but you'll forgive them the New York-style name for bringing this excellent wood-fronted coffee shop to what was previously an adult video shop outside King's Cross station. Brewhouse uses coffee from Brighton-based Small Batch Coffee Company.

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  • Bean & Gone

    Bean & Gone

    Part of the excellent Kerb street food collective, Bean & Gone is a dinky red van serving Monmouth coffee every weekday. It's conveniently located between King's Cross and St Pancras stations and has a few tables where you can drink your coffee if the weather's ok.

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  • Caravan King's Cross

    Caravan King's Cross

    Being a restaurant owned by New Zealanders, it's not surprising that coffee is massively important to Caravan, which roasts its own in this large industrial-style space. It's quite far away if you're not already up near Granary Square, but well worth the trip. Coffee is also available for sale.

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  • Espresso Bar

    Espresso Bar

    Handily situated in front of the British Library, Espresso Bar is managed by the Peyton & Byrne restaurant business. They roast coffee on the premises and this is the only place in King's Cross where you can buy churros (Spanish doughnuts). There's a lot of traffic here so takeaway is probably the best option.

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Also recommended

These all sell quality coffee from named suppliers, and have also been chosen for their pleasant surroundings or convenient location.

  • Sourced Market

    Sourced Market

    Bursting with fresh food and cakes, Sourced Market is another purveyor of the hugely popular Monmouth coffee and is within easy reach of all of the St Pancras platforms if you've arrived early to meet someone or catch a train.

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  • Green & Fortune

    Green & Fortune

    Green & Fortune is the café inside the Kings Place arts centre, so you can enjoy your coffee on the comfy leather sofas in the atrium or outside on the canalside terrace. They use Union Hand-Roasted Coffee which can be found at some of the best coffee shops in London.

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  • The Last Word

    The Last Word

    One of the best places for al fresco coffee-drinking in King's Cross, The Last Word is in the midddle of the British Library's spacious traffic-free piazza. There's a small indoor area and ample seating to sit outside on warm days.

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Neighbourhood cafés

A couple of Italian cafés that were serving good coffee long before anyone had heard of a "flat white."

  • Gran Sasso

    Gran Sasso

    A popular café on the Cally Road, Gran Sasso has been here for years and has many loyal customers. But it has also moved with the times so you'll find flat white on the menu.

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  • Albertini


    Albertini is a friendly café where you can enjoy a decent coffee with a cooked breakfast or quick lunch. Coffeewise it may not be the best place on this list, but if you care as much about bacon and eggs as what roastery supplied your beans, then it's a good option.

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