Wed23Oct 2013

Jagwar Ma

at Scala

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275 Pentonville Road
N1 9NL

Date: Wed 23 Oct
Time: 7.30 - 11pm
Price: £12.50 plus fees
Type: Live music
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Description (from venue/promoter's website):

Jagwar Ma is a musical project by Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield, their collaboration starting in 2010 at a performance by FLRL, the Sydney based kraut-experiment that was "a band without members‚ and a stage of revolving musicians". Their musical history already well known to each other at the time, Jono from the band Lost Valentinos and Gabriel from Ghostwood - the pair instantly got working on new music.

Before long their single 'The Throw' was plastered about the internet, being named as Pitchforks single of the week and receiving significant major radio play.

'Gabriel Winterfield's vocals are entrancing, shamanistic nonsense that trigger real memories of Perry Farrell (or, what would have happened if the Music actually got it right), and adventurous musicians trying to merge guitar rock with club music is a regular occurrence by now'.

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