Sat12Oct 2013

Dance Umbrella: Marcelo Evelin / Demolition Inc. (Brazil) - Suddenly Everywhere is Black with People

at The Place

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The Place

The Place
17 Duke's Road

Date: Sat 12 Oct
Time: 5pm, 9pm
Price: £15
Type: Dance
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Description (from venue/promoter's website):
In his UK debut, Brazilian choreographer Marcelo Evelin presents a brave and powerful work which radically redefines the relationship between performer and spectator.
Bathed in light, the writhing sinewy bodies of the five performers - both alien and strangely familiar - move through the space as an unpredictable but rhythmic, heaving mass.
This promenade performance has surprised and challenged audiences worldwide and is unlike anything else you've experienced before. One of Brazil's great talents, Evelin initiates projects both in his home city of Teresina and in Amsterdam.
Note: contains nudity.

"[It's] impossible to escape the impact of the human mass
addressed in this unique piece" - O Globo
UK Premiere
Please note: This is a promenade performance, and the audience and performers share the same space, within a frame of lights.
There will be a limited number of chairs available for those unable to stand. Wheelchair users and those unable to stand will need to remain just outside of the performance area.

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