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General information

King's Boulevard

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Directions from outside the front of King's Cross and St Pancras stations:

Walk up Pancras Road which runs between St Pancras and King's Cross stations, on the St Pancras side. When you reach a slight bend in the road, cross at the pedestrian lights to reach the bottom of King's Boulevard which is a pedestrian-only street. Walk about 270 metres up King's Boulevard to reach the Kerb stalls which are at the far end.

Previoulsy known as Eat St, Kerb is a collective of diverse and high quality street food vendors which has established a regular presence each weekday on King's Boulevard, just north of King's Cross and St Pancras stations.The stalls sell meat, seafood and vegetarian food from all parts of the world and there are usually sweet as well as savoury options. The line-up of vendors frequently changes - see the website for more details.

Opening times:

Mon - Fri: 10am - 3pm

Outdoor area: All stalls are outside; there are some plastic benches nearby


Typical food: Various

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